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What We Do

Our main focus is in the area of conventional imaging of dental radiology which needs dental X-ray film-processors, dental X-ray film processing chemicals and dental X-ray films.

The products are sourced from:

⦁ Dental X-Ray Film Processors

We represent Medivance Instruments Ltd., London, U.K. as their sole distributor India for marketing their “VELOPEX” brand X-Ray Film Processors. Four decades after the launch of its first automatic dental x-ray film processor, the Velopex brand is renowned worldwide for excellence in clinical diagnostics.

The Velopex range of daylight processors now covers machines to meet every operational and budgetary need from the economical, ultra-compact Velopex Intra-X for Intra-oral films and Velopex Extra-X Processor for all the type of films used in dental practice i.e. Intra-oral, Occlusal, OPG, Panoramic and cephalometric films.

For patient treatment, Velopex has developed particle abrasion product – AQUACARE. Using air abrasion technology, the unit is a valuable tool for stain removal and cleaning. It also increases the effectiveness of tooth whitening procedures.

⦁ Dental X-Ray Film Processing Chemicals

The parent company, Rahul Photographic Company Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturing the ‘PHOTON’ range dental x-ray film processing formulations and distribution is through country wide dealer network.

For more information, visit website at www.rahulphotographic.com

⦁ Dental X-ray Film

We are the exclusive importer for Polaroid Dental Films, USA in India.

We have distributed our products across the country to reputed hospitals, diagnostic centres, dental institutes and private practitioners.